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What is DOT Therapy?

Dermal Optical Thermolysis (DOT) is known as the process of delivering customized micro-ablative patterns of laser energy for the purpose of improving the following:

  • -Dyschromia
  • -Wrinkles
  • -Texture/Laxity
  • -Acne Scars, etc.


DOT Therapy is the "micro-ablative" resurfacing technique which thanks to its "DOT" emission, generates micro-zones of thermal damage, alternating with untreated tissue. Consequently, the healing is much faster (only a few days), allowing patients to return to normal life in no time at all. The rapid re-epitheliazation/regeneration of skin ensures recovery of the surface skin layer, reduced swelling/redness, and immediate clinical results (tissue shrinkage due to selective heat emission).

How does DOT Therapy work?

This technology allows for generating perfectly controlled energy emission strictly for surgical use (vaporization) with precise management of thermal damage and relative homeostasis, and also for dermatological applications, with a flexible heat control for tissue tightening operations, fiber shrinkage, collagen stimulation, and remodeling.